East Bay Rowing was started by Deb and Pat Sullivan who wanted to pass on their love of rowing to their community. It took a tribe of people who shared their passion and were willing to support them, to get EBR up and running. The club has grown from 12 rowers in 4 singles in 2012 to 118 rowers and 17 boats in the spring of 2017!

As EBR grows, we need additional boats, equipment and continual repairs. For example, an 8 person shell, used, costs between $15,000 and $25,000. A set of oars to move an 8 shell go for roughly $2800, or $350 per oar. We keep our registration fees low to keep rowing accessible, but that means we have to raise funds.

We welcome any and all donations to East Bay Rowing. Money raised will go towards purchasing boats, docks, and other equipment, as well as repairs to our current fleet of boats. If you wish to donate equipment or volunteer your time, please contact us. We appreciate your support!

**New**  Give to East Bay Rowing every month with a subscription.

East Bay Rowing is a 501(c) organization under the federal tax code.  Contributions to East Bay Rowing are tax deductible in accordance with federal law. 

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