Adult Masters Rowing Program

Over the past few months the Adult Masters Rowing Program at EBR has grown in participation and coherence. Women’s and men’s Masters boats raced in several regattas and attendance at on-water practices was steady and enthusiastic.

So, where do we go from here?

Everyone wants to be fit and ready for that day in April when we put the boats back on the water! This winter we invite you to join a group of Masters rowers who will be training together over the next few months.

Participants are motivated by different reasons; some to become generally fitter, stronger and more flexible. Others will focus on maximizing technique and strength in preparation for the spring sprint racing season. Over the winter the EBR Masters plan to train as a group, as much as our busy schedules will allow. Masters training team members will participate in an intentional training framework, 2-3 coached training sessions per week, 2k erg tests and with options for flexibility and strength training. It’s well-known that we all train more effectively when we are accountable to our teammates.

So come join us for EBR’s Winter Adult Masters Rowing Training! Whatever your motivation or level of interest, if you are interested in joining, contact Arnold and Josh at and we will connect with you about the details and answer questions.