COVID-19 Updates

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COVID-19 Updates

EBR has been given the thumbs up to get some rowing going! We have new COVID-19 Protocols to adhere to in order to make this happen. You will find details below and on the registration form.

Phase 1 Rowing

Phase 1 is for adult singles rowing only. Sadly, NO beginners and no youth. Adults must have rowed at least 1 season in a zephyr. Our goals are SAFETY for all and to provide you an opportunity to row. The social part of our wonderful EBR family has to wait – we will get there.

> Register for Phase 1 EBR Spring (Adult Singles)

 USRowing has also issued guidelines for safely re-opening boathouses and returning to training with COVID-19.

EBR Spring COVID-19 Protocol Details

To keep everyone safe and healthy, EBR has instituted new protocols that include social distancing and cleaning measures. Please adhere to these new guidelines to ensure everyone can stay healthy and safe on the water.

  • All boats will launch from Bernie’s Beach.
  • When arriving at Walker Farm, please keep your mask on until you launch.
  • Zephyrs should be launched first​, then racing singles as they cannot be left on the beach.
  • Z​EPHYRS​ — Each rower will get his/her own oars and bring them to the water. Then with a partner grab one boat at the bow and stern positions and bring to the water. Do the same with your partner’s boat.
  • RACING SINGLES​ — Slings should be brought to the shoreline to hold a single until launch. Racing singles should never be left on the beach awaiting a rower. ​The shell of the racing single should not touch the beach/shore- EVER.​ The racing single should be launched into water such that the boat can float. The same is true for removal from the water. Land so you can exit the boat without the boat touching the beach/shoreline.
  • To ensure social distancing, please maintain the appropriate distance while getting your oars in and leaving shore. Once on the water and away from other rowers, you may remove your mask if you chose. Please allow two or three boats to launch at a time. We know you all want to get out on the water, but we must do it safely while distancing ourselves.
  • All boats should be removed from the water by two people. Racing singles should be placed in slings to clean. Use the Marine Safe soap to clean all surfaces of your boat and rinse with the hose. Wipe down oar handles and anything else you may have touched (foot stretchers, oar locks/keepers, riggers, gunnel). ​
  • All boats and oars should be returned cleaned and ready to go for the next group.
  • Please take any trash with you when you leave.