Make a Donation

When you give to East Bay Rowing (EBR), you help us share our love of rowing and introduce more families to the fun and adventure of our programs. Our goals are to keep fees affordable, continue to grow EBR, and provide a safe and competitive rowing experience for juniors and adults in our community. East Bay Rowing is a 501(c) non-profit organization that relies on fundraising to meet unexpected challenges and buy boats and equipment.

Make a secure donation online via Paypal:


…or mail a check to: East Bay Rowing, 12 Joyce Street, Barrington, RI 02806


Annual Fundraising

Donations and income from merchandise, events, and other fundraising activities have a direct impact on EBR operations and finances. In the short-term fundraising helps us react to surprises and keep our programs running smoothly. In the long-term, it determines what investments may be possible in terms of boats, facilities, safety equipment, coaching, and things like scholarships or other initiatives. We are extremely grateful for all of our donors, and gifts – at any level – go directly towards filling needs and delivering a quality experience for our rowers. Many employers offer matching gift programs that can easily double the value of your gift. Please contact your company’s HR department to find out if that’s an opportunity for you.

Major Gifts and Sponsors

EBR wouldn’t be what it is today without help from significant contributions and partnerships. Whether it’s a large gift, a matching challenge, or big equipment like boats and ergs, this will continue to be a critical part of our path forward. For major gifts and sponsorship/partnership opportunities, please contact any EBR board member.

Equipment / Wish List

We occasionally share a “wish list” of smaller equipment and supplies for families to consider buying for EBR as an alternative form of donation. Needs vary from season to season, and there are always things that will help for maintenance and day-to-day operations. Please contact us if you are interested in providing this kind of support.


EBR has been built with countless volunteer hours and an incredible level of enthusiasm and help from our extended network of family and friends. We are very grateful for this and are reminded of the importance and value of it on a daily basis. If you have interest in getting involved, don’t hesitate to contact Deb or Pat or any other EBR board member.