About Us

East Bay Rowing is run by a board of rowing lovers and headed up by Deb and Pat Sullivan. Deb and Pat started East Bay rowing to pass on their love of rowing to their community. According to them, when one drives down 114 and New Meadow Road, the Barrington river just shouts, “Row on me!”.  It took a gathering of people who shared their passion and, were willing to support them, to get EBR up and running. East Bay Rowing started in 2012 with 12 rowers in 4 singles and has grown to 118 rowers in 17 boats in the spring of 2017.

East Bay Rowing is true community rowing, with classes and competitive rowing for kids and adults. Their boats are launched from Walker Farm in Barrington. During inclement weather and during the winter training, EBR uses their indoor rowing space at 84 Cutler Street, Unit 16, in Warren, RI.

For more information contact Deb@eastbayrowing.com.

Board of Directors

President: Patrick Sullivan
Vice President: Amy Abbot
Treasurer: Josh White
Secretary: Denise Andreozzi
At Large:
Tara Cunningham
Parish Lentz
Dwight McMillan
Heather MacNamara
Margaret Strand

Director of Rowing: Deb Sullivan

On-the-water Rowing at Walker Farm in Barrington:
Use street address 509 County Road, Barrington, RI and the dirt road leading to Walker will be just past that on the right.

Indoor Training:
84 Cutler Street, Unit 16, Warren, RI